Thursday, October 19, 2006

Preity's special 'Jaan-e-Mann' show for kids

Bollywood's dimpled diva Preity Zinta will be organising a special show of "Jaan-e-Mann" for children, who are her biggest fans.
Preity is combining her efforts with many organisations like the Make a Wish Foundation.
According to Preity, "Jaan-e-Mann" is a child-friendly film. The actress said: "I want to screen
it for kids. They love you unconditionally and they won't come to the film with preconceived
notions. I want to give these children from various organisations a reason to smile."
Preity also plans to host a small party with lots of singing, dancing and games. There'll be
loads of surprises and gifts for the young ones.
A few kids of Bollywood stars are also likely to be present for the special screening.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Preity and Salman's New York excursions

Preity is one Bollywood actress who has literally been living out of suitcase. Although she has shot her movies in many foreign locations (Australia, UK) but she has shot the most in New York. Karan Johar’s film Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna was her last project in the Big Apple before ‘Jaaneman’.
So while shooting the film in New York recently, Preity showed the movie’s main star Salman Khan around the city. There were also times when director Shirish Kunder and producer Sajid Nadiadwala accompanied the two.
So which places did they visit?
Because most of them had already seen major landmark sites in the city, Preity took Salman and others to lesser-known exotic places.
For instance, they went to Sylvia’s Soul Food eatery in Harlem, which is known for its chicken dishes.
Reports also suggest that Salman and Preity went to Fulton Fish Market, which is considered 170-year-old market in NY.
They also went for evening drives and window-shopping.
The shooting of ‘Jaaneman’ is complete. The film is set for release on the Diwali/Eid weekend.
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Friday, October 06, 2006

Rumours of Preity Zinta having an eye-lift

Bollywood has a new rumour doing the rounds and this one goes that Preity Zinta has gone under the knife and had an eye-lift. These rumours began after Preity?s recent film KANK released. No doubt tha…
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Preity Zinta on her life, KANK and her forthcoming films

Preity Zinta is finally getting her due in bollywood, she is happy that her film Kank has opened to great responses. Preity is not insecure about the length of her role in any of her films. In fact …
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“Preity has fallen; we have a hit film”!

Bollywood and superstition go hand-in-hand. But Preity Zinta has none of it. Instead, she has a strange way of predicting the success of a film; she thinks that whenever she falls on a set while shooting for a film, the film is bound to be a huge hit. During the shooting of Sajid Nadiadwala's ‘Jaan-e-Mann' she tripped on the set. And it was none other than choreographer Farah Khan who tripped her for hubby Shirish Kunder's film. When Preity fell, Farah screamed, “Preity has fallen; we have a hit film!” Now, if it turns out to be true, Preity will have lots of falling to do in the future.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Preity Zinta is pretty much in love!

London, September 26, 2006 - Preity Zinta’s reputation as Bollywood’s talented and straight-talking glam girl has gone up a few more notches with her convincing performance in Kabhi Alvida Naha Kehana (KANK). Presently in London to promote her forthcoming big-ticket film Jaan-E-Man -- in which she appears along with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar -- Zinta created a buzz when she talked about her love life with characteristic candor.
In a story aired by Starnews on Tuesday, the 32-year-old star confided that there indeed was a man in her life. What she would not reveal is his identity. Speaking in guarded tones, she said it was extremely important to pursue an independent life and career after marriage. Zinta said that she thinks she has finally found someone who respects her – both as an artist and as a human being. The only aspect she was willing to share was that the ‘he’ in her life belonged to an eminent North Indian Rajput family, and that the head of the family was a national-level politician. Any guesses on who this could be?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Rumours of Preity Zinta having an eye-lift

Bollywood has a new rumour doing the rounds and this one goes that Preity Zinta has gone under the knife and had an eye-lift. These rumours began after Preity’s recent film KANK released. No doubt that the actress has a fantastic wardrobe and appealing look throughout the film, but one also notices that the area around Preity’s eyes look flawed. According to sources Preity used plenty of heavy eye make-up to conceal the marks and bruises that she had after her eye-lift. Director Karan Johar was unable to delay the film and hence Preity had to shoot for her role in the film before she had fully recovered from her eye-lift surgery. Well all we can say is that Preity is sure one gutsy gal to undergo an eye-lift especially during the peak of her career.
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Preity Zinta on her life, KANK and her forthcoming films

Preity Zinta is finally getting her due in bollywood, she is happy that her film Kank has opened to great responses. Preity is not insecure about the length of her role in any of her films. In fact she is very happy with the kind of films that she is doing, she will soon be seen in Shirish Kunder’s Jaaneman alongside Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. Preity is also currently shooting for Shaad Ali’s Jhoom Barabar Jhoom with Abhishek Bachchan and Bobby Deol. Preity believes that the assets that set her apart as an actress are that she is very hard-working and performs from the heart.
Preity describes KANK as a film that deals with relationships in a forthright manner and it also deals with the grey areas of marriage. In fact it was the different script of the film that attracted her to it. As for the infidelity theme in the film, Preity does not always agree with what she does in her films. But she also believes that cinema tends to reflect what's happening in society. However she personally believes that marriage is forever. Though Preity at times does feel the pressure of being in a high profile glam industry, she feels that sometimes it is very tiring to live up to one’s image made by the public, nonetheless she deals with work pressures, crazy fans and public adulation in her own stride. Preity tries to avoid having petty insecurities however she does have very philosophical insecurities, like not having her financial independence or not having any constructive work.
Preity claims that she is a complete cleanliness freak ; she says "I have a fetish for cleanliness; I hate dirty feet, dirty hands and dirty clothes." Preity claims that she had a great time shooting in New York for Kank; there was a lot of fun and games on the sets with the entire cast and crew. Preity claims that it was great working with all of her co-stars and it was a wonderful experience. On her co-star Shahrukh, she says "The one colleague I look up to is Shahrukh; he takes a lot of care of you. He’ll help you, he’ll give you cues and he’ll always be there for you. He’s very big-hearted and that only comes in not competing with you, he’s too beyond that to be competing with you. There is nobody else like him." Preity also claims that there has never been any problems with her female co-star Rani Mukherjee, she says that although both of them may not be excellent buddies, they do get along with each other well. In fact Preity is all praises for Rani and her performance in Kank. She claims that Rani like everyone else has given an excellent performance.
Currently Preity Zinta is in London shooting for Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and she claims that she has not even had time to savour the successful release of Kank. Preity says "Indeed here in London, you can’t step out in the street without bumping into one or the other of your colleagues. Abhishek and Bobby too are with the team shooting for the film." The other film units that were shooting in London were Priyadarshan’s Bhagam Bhag, which had Govinda, Lara Dutta and Akshay Kumar. Then Vipul Shah too was shooting his film Namaste London in London with Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Rishi Kapoor and Upen Patel. Now Nikhil Advani is also shooting Salaam-E-Ishq with his huge starcast in London comprising Salman, Priyanka, John, Vidya, Anil Kapoor, Juhi etc.
Preity has been out of the country for so long now busy shooting for her films, she says "Just because I’m so much out of the country, people feel free to say and write what they like." Preity longs to be back in Mumbai with her family and friends. She is looking forward to all her forthcoming films.
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

"I haven't disappeared after KANK” – Preity Zinta

All sorts of bizarre reasons are being put forward for Preity Zinta's sudden disappearance after the release of Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna. "But I'm very much around, in London shooting for Shaad Ali's Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom," Preity’s voice tinkles across the seven seas in reassuring waves. "You see I'm a bit of an idiot. I never take that crucial pause after a release to savor its success. I'm told KANK has raised quite a storm in India. Well, good that’s what movies should do. I don't understand why some people feel Karan Johar has gone too far. Arrey! People say, make something different. And when a filmmaker actually takes the plunge into a deeper end , people accuse him of going too far. Personally I feel proud to be in a film that pushes the envelope in mainstream cinema. I want to hug Karan for making KANK. In fact I'll get my chance to do so in the next twenty-four hours because Karan is coming to London."

Friday, September 22, 2006

Preity Zinta loved shooting in London

Preity Zinta shot in London for the first time for her forthcoming film Jaaneman ."As a kid I was very exited about London and the Tower Bridge," Preity said addressing a gathering of reporters alongwith the film’s producer Sajid Nadiadwala at The Bentley Hotel in London.

Preity said the "high point" of her shooting in London was a shot taken at the Tower Bridge. Preity and Nadiadwala are in London in connection with the launch of the movie, which would be released worldwide on October 20 this year.‘Jaaneman’ tells the story of a love triangle between three college students – Salman Khan , Akshay Kumar and Preity. Nadiadwala has spent about Rs 350 million on the Bollywood musical, which is set in the heart of New York. "It has emotions, good music and a surplus sprinkling of romance," the producer added.Preity remarked that she is unlikely to work in a Hollywood production unless an exceptional role comes across. "I don't see myself working in a Hollywood film, unless I come across an exceptional role."

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Life rocks for Preity Zinta! : The effervescent Preity Zinta is set to surprise fans with her cold woman act in Karan Johar's Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (KANK). "I never like myself on screen. But I must say KANK has changed my look and my personality completely. I play this cold woman, which wasn't easy for a warm person like me to do. I have just a few expressions to give away. And I think I have done them well," Preity said in an interview. She seems seriously possessed by Johar's passion. "I saw bits of the film recently at Karan's urging. What a film Karan has made! KANK is unlike anything we have seen before and certainly unlike anything I have done. "Everyone is beyond outstanding. Mr Bachchan (Amitabh) and Shah Rukh (Khan) need no endorsement from poor me. Rani (Mukerji) is a rock star. But Abhishek (Bachchan) is going to shock you. His expressions, his interpretation of his character have to be seen to be believed. I truly believe Abhishek is the star of tomorrow." Preity is now fed up of outdoor shoots and wants to spend some quality time at home. "Please find me a producer who makes a complete film in India. I am shooting abroad all the time!" She was recently in Bangkok shooting a shampoo advertisement. Before that she completed a world tour with one of her favourite co-stars, Saif Ali Khan. She then rushed to Mumbai and after that flew to Cannes with buddy Johar. "I was excited about Cannes because I was with one of my most entertaining friends who by the way knows French better than the French, so I didn't fear misinterpretation. "I caught The Da Vinci Code there. But Karan and I were looking mainly at projecting our film Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna." Once again she is going abroad to shoot Shaad Ali's Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom with Abhishek. "Again to be shot abroad. Groan groan," she mock-protests. "We start the film in August and wrap it up by October. I guess it'd be released early next year. So I have three releases KANK, Shirish Kunder's Jaan-e-Man and then Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom in the next six months. "Wow! And to think that I had only one release - Salaam Namaste - since Veer-Zaara. That's because I completely withdrew, stopped signing films and began to look at my life in a different way after the tsunami. "Not many people know this. But I nearly lost my life in the tsunami. Some of my close friends lost their lives. For almost eight months, I stopped working. Hence the long gap between Veer-Zaara and Salaam Namaste. Her brush with death forced her to re-evaluate her priorities. "Tsunami made me question my own life and priorities. I decided if I can't be happy now I can never be happy. Not that I was ever unhappy. But the tsunami made me value what I have. I wrote down all the things that I had in life to be grateful about. And it was quite a long list! "Today I have a rocking career, my mom is rocking too and my personal life couldn't get any better, touch wood. I can shop till I drop and I can visit any part of the world to work or to holiday. "Earlier there would be a problem with Kareena (Kapoor) or whoever. I find all that totally unnecessary now. Now I like all my co-stars." She lights up at the thought of working with Bobby Deol and Abhishek in Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom. "That one is going to be an Aquarian special. All three of us are Aquarians. So it will be like three like-minded actors working together on a fun project. "And what fun to work with two of my favourite co-stars. Though Bobby and I have done only one film, Soldier, together, we are truly fond of each other. He calls me Pritam Singh. As for Abhishek, he is one of the most cultured and funniest persons I have met. So yeah, we are going to have a ball." More joy...Preity attended the Paris premiere of Veer-Zaara in the first week of May. "I flew down to Paris from my concert in Dallas for just one day to be there. And thank god! I was there with Shah Rukh Khan, Rani and Yash (Chopra) uncle. Over 15,000 people watched the film in Paris, and we aren't talking about Indians and Asians. There were the French and other foreigners. And the way they responded to Veer-Zaara, it just made me think... "Hindi cinema is becoming really hot in Europe. Two years since its release, and suddenly I was reminded in Paris of how important Veer-Zaara is. Amazing!" She feels Johar's Kabha Alvida Naa Kehna and Kunder's Jaan-e-Man will take her career further. "What's really exciting is that I get to play totally antithetical characters in these two films. So, this year my two releases are going to show what I can do as an actor." Preity has never felt better. "The spoilsports can say whatever they want about my life and career. I couldn't have hoped for more. After Jhoom Baraabar... I am looking at three other scripts. I'll choose one of them." As for marriage..."that topic isn't on my mind. Every time I am asked about my marriage I ask the journalist, why such a stale question. The way the media is interested in my marriage they should get together to fund my wedding
Preity Zinta on Love & Life -
"Please find me a producer who makes a complete film in India. I'm shooting abroad all the time!"Preity was recently in Bangkok shooting a shampoo ad . Before that she has just completed a world tour with one of her favourite co-stars Saif. She then rushed into Mumbai headed for Cannes with buddy Karan Johar.
"I was excited about Cannes because I was with one of my most entertaining friends who by the way knows French better than the French, so I didn't fear misinterpretation.I caught "The Da Vinci Code" there. But Karan and I were looking mainly at projecting our film Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna(KANK) ."