Thursday, October 19, 2006

Preity's special 'Jaan-e-Mann' show for kids

Bollywood's dimpled diva Preity Zinta will be organising a special show of "Jaan-e-Mann" for children, who are her biggest fans.
Preity is combining her efforts with many organisations like the Make a Wish Foundation.
According to Preity, "Jaan-e-Mann" is a child-friendly film. The actress said: "I want to screen
it for kids. They love you unconditionally and they won't come to the film with preconceived
notions. I want to give these children from various organisations a reason to smile."
Preity also plans to host a small party with lots of singing, dancing and games. There'll be
loads of surprises and gifts for the young ones.
A few kids of Bollywood stars are also likely to be present for the special screening.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Preity and Salman's New York excursions

Preity is one Bollywood actress who has literally been living out of suitcase. Although she has shot her movies in many foreign locations (Australia, UK) but she has shot the most in New York. Karan Johar’s film Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna was her last project in the Big Apple before ‘Jaaneman’.
So while shooting the film in New York recently, Preity showed the movie’s main star Salman Khan around the city. There were also times when director Shirish Kunder and producer Sajid Nadiadwala accompanied the two.
So which places did they visit?
Because most of them had already seen major landmark sites in the city, Preity took Salman and others to lesser-known exotic places.
For instance, they went to Sylvia’s Soul Food eatery in Harlem, which is known for its chicken dishes.
Reports also suggest that Salman and Preity went to Fulton Fish Market, which is considered 170-year-old market in NY.
They also went for evening drives and window-shopping.
The shooting of ‘Jaaneman’ is complete. The film is set for release on the Diwali/Eid weekend.
Source :Apunkachoice

Friday, October 06, 2006

Rumours of Preity Zinta having an eye-lift

Bollywood has a new rumour doing the rounds and this one goes that Preity Zinta has gone under the knife and had an eye-lift. These rumours began after Preity?s recent film KANK released. No doubt tha…
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Preity Zinta on her life, KANK and her forthcoming films

Preity Zinta is finally getting her due in bollywood, she is happy that her film Kank has opened to great responses. Preity is not insecure about the length of her role in any of her films. In fact …
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“Preity has fallen; we have a hit film”!

Bollywood and superstition go hand-in-hand. But Preity Zinta has none of it. Instead, she has a strange way of predicting the success of a film; she thinks that whenever she falls on a set while shooting for a film, the film is bound to be a huge hit. During the shooting of Sajid Nadiadwala's ‘Jaan-e-Mann' she tripped on the set. And it was none other than choreographer Farah Khan who tripped her for hubby Shirish Kunder's film. When Preity fell, Farah screamed, “Preity has fallen; we have a hit film!” Now, if it turns out to be true, Preity will have lots of falling to do in the future.